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What we do, you can do without changing your life.

Welcome YouTube Friends! This is "Our Vacation Travels" blog!  We love to share with you our campground reviews. We are brand new to the Glamping world and while starting out the one thing I find lacking is good clear video reviews of campgrounds. There are some out there but I always feel they don't cover things that interest us. With my love of film, video and camping I can join these together to bring to you my passions in one.


I put hundreds of undocumented hours into our videos, subscribe, like comment and share to show us we are doing a good job! We don't get paid for our videos, we do it for the entertainment value we are bringing to camping families or those aspiring. Even if you just want something fun to watch, enjoy!

We plan on bringing you fresh content at least monthly if not more often. At first expect new content almost every Thursday. As we start I have in the workings  5 campground reviews and several in-between videos for your entertaining purposes. We have scheduled 3  camping trips for 2024 and the one I'm excited most about - Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground!  We'll book a few more so stay tuned.


We are not full time campers yet. We love camping and use every opportunity we have to take trips big or small. As we travel to campgrounds we will give our full review of the campground through our stay and the activities we did while there. The beauty of "your camping trip" is everyone will be different according to their likes and will do different activities based on their desires. The one thing you can always count on from us is a good overview of that campground.

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  1. a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

    "glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life's luxuries."

  2. Origin early 21st century: blend of glamorous and camping.

Camping on the Gulf a 5 part mini-series Enjoy! 

Parts 1, 2, & 5 are the most popular out of the series:

We went to the Atlanta Camping & RV show!

The one thing we found that RV Shows do not do! Why??? We went to the Atlanta Camping & RV Show on 1/27/24 and we found everything but the one important thing that most would want? A missed opportunity that these shows seem to just leave out! Atlanta Camping & RV Show 2024


We found the worst in show, Cousin Eddie’s RV. Why this camping show allowed a Rusty RV is beyond us! The Camper from the iconic movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! But they still left something important out of this show!

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