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Investment info

We simplify your decision! In the past we had a bronze, silver, and gold package and it would be overwhelming as to what someone wanted or needed. So we have a base that everyone gets - the minimum which is a lot! We only have a few extra options none of which are confusing. 

Base Package Details

Add on Options

Personal Website:

  • A personalized website where you movies will be showcased for 1 year from your wedding date.

Filming Details:

  • Up to 5 hours of filming.

  • 4K Cinema Cameras & editing

  • 1 Film location for ceremony and reception – same venue.

    • For each additional location $50.00

    • Distances more than 50 total miles 50 cents per mile added.

  • Introduction showing the event location and details at location.

  • Full Ceremony.

  • Reception:

    • Key moments for example First Dance, Introduction, Cake etc.

    • Random Candid’s of guests.

    • Details of decorations and facility.


Final Film Details:

  • A complete wedding movie of the day (Wedding Movie)

  • Movie Trailer / preview film (Short 2 to 6 minute film showing some highlights. This will be included on your website before the full movie is ready).

  • Highlight film. Shortened version of the complete movie showing highlights.

  • Music will be used at appropriate times along with natural audio at appropriate times. Music will match theme and mood.


Included Video Formats:

This includes the wedding movie, trailer, & highlight film:

  • HD on Blu-ray (X2) (includes Blu-ray covers)

  • Stand Def on DVD (X2) (includes DVD covers)

  • HD on USB flash / thumb drive (X1) (Great for long term storage.) 

  • HD video (On your webpage for 1 year.)


  • You will have up to 2 weeks after the last movie is uploaded on your website to review online and request changes.


Base Price - $1,200.00

Extras Video Formats:


Option 1.

The best way to long term store your movies in its original film format:

  • 4K of movie, trailer, & highlight film.

  • Included on a fast portable solid state hard drive.

Extra price - $200.00

Option 2.

The best way to long term store your movies of all that we captured in its original film format.

  • 4K of movie, trailer, & highlight film.

  • 4k of all unedited footage - Raw footage.

  • Included on a fast portable solid state hard drive.

Extra price - $600.00

  • Additional Blu-rays - $15.00 each

  • Additional DVD's - $10.00 each

  • Additional USB's - $15.00 each

  • Additional hours past 5 hours - $150.00 per hour

  • Additional locations - $50.00 each

  • .50 cents per mile over 50 total miles

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