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We started making wedding videos in 2003. We took a break in 2018 and now in 2023 we are back refreshed and rebranded!

The word Wedding Video makes me think 1980’s. Today the popular term is wedding films rather than wedding video.

In the 1980’s video began as VHS and the typical “Wedding Video” was born. Typically, the bride or groom’s uncle pulled out the ole family VHS video camera with a separated shoulder slung VCR. The result was a blurry mess of sea sickness with fast and jerky camera movements along with 6 hours of boring.

Today in 2023 the video camera has been replaced with the Cinema Camera. Not to bore you with geeky technical terms but the result today is a cinematic looking movie with smooth steady shots, thus the cinematic look. You also get much better audio and true life like representation in a cinematic looking film. Cinema cameras when paired with good lenses will give a three-dimensional look to the picture with focus depth, something video cameras just can’t achieve.

In 2023 we rebranded to “Cinematic Weddings by Primm Video” rather than wedding videography. We still answer to wedding videographer but we are also known as a cinematographer since we now use cinema cameras. No matter how you refer to this art we are here to help!

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