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Expressions in Motion online video ordering .

Ordering info and links to our Square store for EIM.

Show 1  - 11:30am (Saturday)

Brockett, The Globe Academy, Henderson Mill, Livsey, Midvale, and Oak Grove, Tucker Dance Studio SATURDAY 10:30 class.

Show 2  - 6:30pm (Saturday)

Dunwoody Christian Academy, Dunwoody Elementary, Kittredge, Saint Lukes, Vanderlyn.

Please take note of which school your child is in and select the video that is correct. Schools are listed on the left of this page.

Show 3  - 12:00pm (Sunday)

Briar Vista, Chesnut, Kingsley, Museum School, woodland, Tucker Dance Studio MONDAY classes.

Formats and individual pricing:


Show 4  - 6:00pm (Sunday)

Friendship Learning Center, International Community School, Kanoheda, Kingfisher, Minor, Sagamore, and Tucker Dance Studio THURSDAY class. 



USB Flash Drive / Thumb Drive

Presented with Blu-ray Style box / cover

5.1 Surround Sound